Raring 2 Go Review - Chinese State Circus

23rd Apr 2012 10:00 am

Helen Murray, Editor Raring2go! Salisbury & Raring2go! Bournemouth

The Chinese State Circus came to town this weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect and wasn’t sure how to explain it to my son. “Will there be tigers Mummy? And elephants”? “Well, no. There’ll be acrobats and warriors”. “Will there be a clown”? “Erm, I don’t know!” Fortunately at that point, the lights dimmed and to our amazement four beautiful, Vanessa May style women appeared on stage beating drums and playing a variety of Asian string and wind instruments I couldn’t possibly tell you the names of, which created the most magical, exciting atmosphere. My son was on the edge of his seat, mouth agape and the whole audience was soon clapping to the beat.

As the women and their instruments slipped from the stage, they were swiftly replaced by a team of plate spinning, acrobatic ballerinas, who managed to maintain four spinning plates in each hand while gracefully rolling/twisting/tumbling round the stage. Then followed a troupe of men juggling hats, a pair of warriors in breath-taking, rapid-fire armed combat, then back to the women, this time flipping and spinning parasols on their feet! Each act flowed seamlessly into the next, wowing the audience at every turn, making us gasp, cheer and applaud and making a certain little boy bounce in his seat!

I can now reveal that there is a clown! A cheeky, hilarious performer, who stole the show for you-know-who. But a word to the wise, if you’re not keen on audience participation, don’t sit near the front, or you too might find yourself centre-stage, performing amazing feats of contortionism you didn’t know yourself capable of!

The Chinese State Circus was formed in 1990, but draws on over 2000 years of tradition, during which time the “show of a hundred tricks” has been honed to a fine art, delighting and thrilling audiences the world over. The combination of athleticism, showmanship and beauty is a fantastic package that is truly a privilege to see. If Salisbury is ever lucky enough to host this show again, I’ll be first in line to buy tickets.

For more information on The Chinese State Circus, see www.chinesestatecircus.com


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